Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Pumpkin Jack Birthday Phillip!

Phillip blowing out the candles. When asked what he wished for, he said, "I wished that I can eat cake." Phillip is SO PRACTICAL!

Pumpkin Jack cake. Rolled fondant over buttercream. Do I dare take credit? It was late last night after I had spread the buttercream and I was getting the fondant dirty. Pete stepped in and was a lot better at this more precise type of decorating.

Spook Alley. It was a little too scary for some of the kids. I made them reach their hands in an african kist for 'eyeballs' (grapes) and 'brains' (spegetti).

Playing pumpkin ... pumpkin ... pumpkin ... pumpkin JACK!!

The wig and hat race. Who knew that I had a good collection of dress ups!

So here's a look at Phillip's 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th birthdays. All I can think is that he has grown up so quick. Or has he always been a grown up and his looks are just changing? He is always surprising me with the things that he says. He has such a mature personally for a now 5-year-old. We are pretty casual with shoes in the house. But, if friends come over Phillip, makes them take their shoes off. He only lets me get one treat at the grocery store. (since when does the 'ONLY ONE TREAT' rule apply to me?!)

Some funny Phillip Stories:
  • I was trying to get him to memorize or at least read the primary scripture for August. 2 Nephi 27:33. I told Phillip repeat after me ... "For behold, I am God, and I am a God of miracles..." Phillip: "For behold, I am God ... I'm NOT God." I tried to explain that the scripture was Heavenly Father speaking for himself to the prophet. I tried again. Phillip: "For Behold, I'm God ... Mommy, I'm NOT God. I know who God is ... He is my Heavenly Father".
  • Phillip refused cotton candy and a cookie one night because he had ice cream earlier and he said, "Only ONE treat!"
  • Phillip keeps talking about his baby brother 'Tardan' who is 0 years old. (THIS IS NOT AN ANNOUNCEMENT :-)
  • We had had a long day at church, both Lily and Amelia were screaming and we decided to leave 15 minutes early. Phillip said in the parking lot, "That is the LAST TIME! We are supposed to stay until it's finished!"
  • One time, when leaving sacrament meeting, Phillip announce really loud, "That was a good show."
Phillip we love you! You make life fun! You even make me more responsible ... can you imagine it!! "Mom, you forgot your purse!" he said as I left my purse in a shopping aisle at Smiths.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Braces are OFF!


So ... I have to thank Pete for getting the ball rolling in getting my braces off. There were some scheduling problems and I wasn't going to get them off until October 18th. I told Pete that all I wanted for my birthday was to get my braces off and get my teeth whitened. SO, THANK YOU to the MONARCH Ortho Team and Thank you to PETE!! I'm so glad to have them off. What a great early birthday present.

It was weird to see those braces on the tray .. kind of gross with all of the food stuck in places you couldn't see. It kind of reminds me of getting a cast off. You feel like something is missing, yet is it is SO liberating!

It has been 2 years and 3 months. Here is the post when I originally blogged it.

So, I am pleased with the results. But having braces as an adult has its challenges. Spending an afternoon with a black bean on your front tooth. Having your picture taken when your teeth and braces are stained from a Popsicle. Eating corn on the cob and people thinking that you are using your teeth as food storage. Phillip told me that I have train tracks on my teeth. My nephew once called them 'robot teeth.' Even so, it was ALL worth it! Wahhooooo!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Contracted Craft Services

So, I thought I would blog & brag, or blag about the Halloween bows that I got. I did NOT make them. I can sometimes be crafty, but I know my limits. I tried making bows once, and it didn't work out too good. Buying bows can be expensive. I was at the ribbon store and almost bought some ribbon to make bows ... they had really cute halloween ribbons. I called Bina and she said she'd make some Halloween bows for my girls. She went to TOWN!! They are REALLY cute! Don't worry, I'll have to share some with my Utah siblings. (or will I? ... I think I look pretty good with the Halloween bows!) ;-)

I guess the moral of the story is that we all have our strengths. You just need to figure out how to 'contract' services from those who know what they are doing ;-)

We are doing a Joy School and I started reading the lesson plan and I started into a cold sweat. I couldn't understand what I was supposed to do .. when .. ak! I called Pete's mom and Pete's sister penny who are a Kindergarten teachers. They gave me some good ideas. I told then that I probably felt the same way that they sometimes feel when they are figuring out a computer. It's great to help each other out.

Paige, who I have contracted time and again for organizing help, stopped by the other day. Our garage door was open, both of our cars were there and Rhino was in the back yard. She kept calling our names. Kitchen was covered in dishes and food. She couldn't figure out where we were and thought we had Carbon Monoxide poisoning. We had taken the truck to pick some fruit. I told her that in her mind, the only explanation of leaving your house in such a state is that we had DIED! Any other reason just didn't make sense in her mind. ha!

We had a Relief Society activity where we made quilted pillows. I made sure Pete's mom was coming so that she could help me. I would cut the pieces, pin and iron. I put her to work and we were one of the few that finished. I know Al got a kick out of seeing me sew a bib, and it took me 45 minutes to sew and turn out a seem. She was nice enough to alter a dress for our Family Reunion. :-)

I don't sew. I don't make cards. I don't make bows. I don't do flower arrangements. If you need help securing a computer, decorating a christmas tree, arranging lawn ornaments, or painting, I'll be there! (creative painting that is ... I'm not very 'good' and normal painting ... when i say 'good' I mean ... I don't like doing it :-)