Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Catching Up - Blank Canvas!

So, I took a test last week and I feel like I wasn't doing much but study that last few weeks before the test. I don't know the results for 4 or 6 weeks, but at least I gave it my best shot. Now I'm trying to catch up on enjoying life!

Yesterday I was a LITTLE impulsive. Lets just say a LOT impulsive. Pete told me about a blank canvas at DI, but he said it was REALLY big. I ran into DI, and found it and thought .. hmmm... I don't have a place to store this, I don't have time to paint, but I WANT IT!! maybe it's all of the school supply ads, the fresh boxes of crayons that I have been meaning to buy, but this BLANK canvas is REALLY refreshing. I took it out to the mini-van .. thinking I could get it to fit .. NOPE! In the process I was almost blown away with some heavy gusts of wind in the parking lot trying to carry a HUGE canvas by myself. I did finally get it with the truck. Now I just need to figure out what to paint. Any suggestions? It's 6 ft by 5 ft. (It comes to about my nose when standing).

As a recap for the kids .. Phillip is funny as ever. Here he is in FULL get-up from the boots, racing outfit, guns, hat and belt. Another ACTION shot of him being batman. I asked him if he wanted to do Soccer or another activity in the fall in addition to pre-school and he said, "NO MOM! I just want to do letters and numbers. Just ONE ACTIVITY!" Phillip definitely keeps me in check .. pretty practical for a 4-year-old. Maybe we'll do soccer next year. He is so literal. Pete told him to not eat too many cherries or he will get sick. Phillip is now the cherry police and says, "Dad look at all of these!!" (pointing to the cherry pits) "You are GOING TO GET DIARRHEA!"

Lily is in a big girl bed, which means that naps are not necessarily on the schedule. She LOVES her "Gig girl bed." As always, she is a fashionista. If she doesn't want to wear something she'll pull and tug on it and say, "Mommy .. It dirty!"

Then there is Amelia and Rhino. ha! Funny that I pair them, but they are quite a pair! Amelia is crawling now. We have the baby gate up, but she is definitely testing the boundaries more than Lily and Phillip. She just wants to be a big kid!

Well, that's just a quick recap ... of kids.

Summer highlights:
Family reunions
Thrifting with family
Training for a triathlon on an old beach cruiser with a bell and basket
Swimming in our inflatable pool ;-)
Watching the kids jump on the tramp
Artic Circle (Chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, & reasus peanut butter cup)

Summer Lowlights:
Not getting highlights ... maybe tomorrow I won't have any more dark roots ;-)
Weeding my garden after neglecting it for 6 weeks