Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Kids for Clean Air!

We had a "Clean Air" rally today at the capital. It was a little tricky getting there with the two kids. Luckily a lady helped me with the stroller up the big steps. They stuck me in front of the steps in the Rotunda. Someone was passing out gas masks and as I said before ... my kids like to dress up. Phillip wanted to be Darth Vader. There was a gas mask for an adult and he said, "You want to be Darth Vader too?" He kept asking and asking so I put it on for a second. Then I heard all of the photographers clicking away. Someone from the Davis County Clipper and the Salt Lake Tribune asked for our names. Ha!

Here's a clip from the ksl news. It shows Phillip and me in our Gas Masks. ha!!

I met up with Al who was brave enough to bring 6 kids to the capital. Her boys made great signs. James and William got a good lesson on legislation and rallying. Thanks Al for supporting the cause!

The latest news is that the Consolidated Energy will NOT put in the petcoke plant but will use a cleaner energy source. Shows what you can do if you get enough people together. Now hopefully we can get some legislation approved that will prevent something like this to be approved in the future. Thanks everyone for all of your support. I saw a lot of your signatures on Mom's petition. :-)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Post 101: Lily's Birthday

Ha! I just noticed that my last posting was my 100th post! ha!

Well, it was Lily's Birthday on Saturday. We decided to take the kids to the zoo. I am now an official Hogle Zoo Member. So, let me know the next time you are going, because I want to get our monies worth. Phillip normally likes the Giraffes, but this time he said they were too stinky.

I wasn't feeling too good in the morning and I was worried that her birthday was going to be a flop. But, luckily Paige agreed to let Phillip have a play date and I was able to take a nap and then hit the stores. I made her cupcakes and birthday cake. I got the flowers that were on sale from Valentine day. I also got her some cute balloons.

Her main present was the pink car, which was a garage sale find that Al passed down. She really likes the car. She's a little short to ride it, but still tries to climb on top of it.

It was our first little family birthday party, and Pete said it was his favorite party. We didn't have to clean up the mess right away and just relaxed.

Lily got to eat her cake by herself. She was pretty dainty eating it and only picked off some of the icing and then got frustrated that her hands were dirty. I can't believe she is already a year old! Time flies!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Kids Like to Dress-Up

I don't know WHY ... but Phillip and Lily sure do like to dress up.

I gave phillip the SuperMan cape for a potty prize (from D.I). He wanted to wear it over his coat around the town.

Lily put together her outfit. A pair of binoculars, a stethoscope, and one of Mom's valentine's baskets for a hat.

I guess I have encouraged it... just a little bit.

Here are my current projects:

Pottytraining Phillip - I got rid of the pull-ups. Advice welcome!
Lobbying for clean air - They have a bill drafted that could put a hold and possibly stop the PetCoke plant.
Taxes - Gaaaaah!
Sell some of our collections and junk on ebay.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Stop the Petroleum Coke Power Plant

A generated photo of the proposed PetCoke Plant

I am not typically a person to get involved with causes or political rallies, but when my friend Alison told me about the plant that is going to be built in West Bountiful I was outraged.  I went to the information meeting at the Bountiful Public Library.  They asked to interview me.  I was really nervous and my voice cracked, so they actually took my interview.  Goes to show you should always put on make-up before fighting for a cause.  Here's the link to the clip:Fox News

Here are the facts about the proposed plant:
  • Petcoke, the proposed fuel-source for the plant, is a by-product of the oil refining process theat burns dirtier than coal (with a higher carbon and sulfur content than coal).
  • Petcoke emissions include Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) that are known cancer causers.  If permitted, the Petcoke plant will be allowed to emit 19,000 pounds of HAP emissions annually.
  • The plant will also emit 800,000 pounds of PM10, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, and volatile organic compounds.  This can contribute to poor air quality and can exacerbate respiratory or cardiac conditions.  Studies have shown that 16% of south davis county children have asthma, which is nearly double the state average of 8%.  We cannot afford any more pollution.
  • The emissions and the delivery of the petcoke fuel could affect the entire Wasatch front.  Teh petcoke fuel is an ash-like substance and can become easily wind-borne and could cause HAPs to leech in to groundwater and agricultural products.
  • This plant will be only a few blocks from Pete's work and only a few miles from our Home!!  The smoke stack will be level with our neighborhood and we will receive the brunt of the emissions!!  
So, I am using my blog to educate those who read it.  If you know anyone in Utah, Please let them know and get them involved.  If you are a Utah Resident, please sign a petition to stop this plant from going in. Please contact your elected officials.  Contact the Financial bakers of the plant, EPIC Ventures, Zions Bank.  Contact media representatives.

Follow this link for detailed contact information:Who to Contact
Follow this link if you want to get more involved and collect petition signatures: Get Involved
March to the Capital: Join me at Wednesday, February 25, 12:00 PM for a lobbying session in the Capital Rotunda

Here is a youtube video of Ohio Residents who live by a PetCoke Plant

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We have a Dog!

Pete called me yesterday and said that his patient was looking for a home for her puganese dog (pug and pekanese mix). I decided that we would meet the dog. His name is 'Mater' from the movie Cars. He is REALLY cute and I had to have him. ha! He is about a year old and is a really calm dog.

Needless to say it's been a little adjustment.

Not 5 minutes after I brought him home he had an accident on the floor. I thought I should take him outside. I was stupid and forgot to check to see if the gates were closed ... and they weren't. Ga'ak! So he started running away. He was a fast runner for a little guy. It's a good thing I've been running lately. I was running in my heeled knee-high boots and work clothes. I wish I had a video of that! ha! I had to run up and down our street and up a really steep hill. Luckily a dog ran out and spooked Mater and he stopped in his tracks.

Phillip and Lily have warmed up to the dog and are starting to play with him. Phillip was pretty scared at first, but now he says that Mater is 'HIS' dog. He keeps saying that he wants to get a BIG dog too. or Mater needs to grow big.

We made our first trip to "Petco" to buy some supplies. I got succered into buy a Cezer Chevez Dog Whisperer leash. ha!! Pete bought the rest of the stuff at the dollar store. :-)

Here is Phillip's reaction to the dog. He got kind of scared when Mater tried to Lick him.

Here's Phillip with Mater. He had quickly warmed up to him and tried to share his toys and give him imaginary cookies!

Lily's a Cutie Pa-tootie

Well, by popular demand .. here is a video of Lily walking. I got her to do one of her other tricks. She likes to growl like a lion. She sometimes does it out of the blue and it kind of scares me!

She is really funny when she walks and kind of waddles around.