Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Disney - Part III of III - Stay at John & Kaley's House

We had a GREAT relaxing weekend at John & Kaley's House. I give it a four star stay!!

We got babysitters and went to a Greek Restaurant. We happened upon some tourist shops in 'Tarpon Springs, FL" We found some great cat T-Shirts. I found a piece of Amethyst for $4. I had a funny idea. We'd bury it in the sand when we went to the beach. He LOVED IT!!

We also went to a close by beach where we all enjoyed the white sand. Don't worry, we stopped by a 'Flea Market' on the way. (had to fulfill my garage sale itch) We got to enjoy the amenities of John and Kaley's neighborhood. REALLY nice pool, playground... even a beach volleyball court. YAY!

I enjoyed Phillip's random questions and quotes ... He told Kaley, "You talk like a Princess."

He asked John, "What is hand in Spanish?"

IT was a FABULOUS TIME!! I apologize for the manic blogging, but I was restraining myself. Looking at all of the videos and pictures makes me want to go back. Am I CRAZY?!

Disney Trip Part II of III

The Disney Celebration!

We went to the Magic Kingdom Halloween party. It was great! We got to see almost all of the park and meet all of the characters. I loved it! If you are planning a trip around October, I would look into it! We had 3 other full days at the parks!

  • The Halloween Decorations, Halloween characters, Trick-or-treating, Halloween Parade and fireworks... Did I mention...I like Halloween?!
  • Phillip loving the Tower of Terror!
  • Epcot - German Dinner - Worth it! The kids danced to the polka music while we gorged ourselves on an all-you-can-eat German food buffet
  • Animal Kingdom - AMAZING! I love that park!
  • Stroller swap & fast passes - took us a while to figure it out, but we never waited through the full line
  • Parades & Firework shows
  • Meeting characters. Lily kept saying that she met all of her friends, "Mini, Donald, & Mickey ..."

  • Getting up the next morning after the Halloween party
  • Crowds at Disney Hollywood Studios - Gak!
  • Getting on the monorail after the firework show at Magic Kingdom

Family Picture with the 7 dwarfs!

Video of the kids Dancing at 11:30 PM! Are we 'good' parents for keeping them out so late?!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well, we are officially back from our trip. It was a LOT of fun! Wahoo!

Trip 1
Pete goes to ADA conference

Pete had to go to classes straight from a red eye flight. Gak! I got to hang out with John and Kaley over the weekend while we were recouping from the flight. Fun times! We ventured to downtown Disney which was fun and crazy.

We hung out at Kaley's grandma's house. It was fun racing the golf carts, eating a big lunch, and catching lizards. There was a 2 foot gnome that I was really jealous of! A home isn't a home without a gnome!

Fed the birds

Saw a gater!

We went to Chevys for dinner and ended up celebrating my birthday Again! We even carried the hat home in the plane. Phillip asked,"Is she 31?!". We said we were just singing happy birthday He said, "but we already sang Happy Birthday to her!"

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

It's the BIG 30. I can't believe it! Time flies!

I don't like to brag, but I'm really excited about my new toy. Pete gave it to me early so I could get it loaded with games and movies for our upcoming trip. I got the iPad! yay! I'm a sucker for gadgets. I would sometimes drool, sometimes make fun of the iPad. Deep down I was really jealous of anyone who had one. Pete got it for me to celebrate me passing my test (CISSP test) yay! and for my birthday.

Anywho, I was having a deep thought about the last 10 years. A lot has happened in my life. Your 20's are really pivotal years. As a teenager, I remember church leaders stressing making good decisions, finding a good husband/wife, keeping standards. But it's true. The decisions you make during those pivotal years affect the rest of your life!

Here's a look at the past 10 years of my life

Year 20 - Sorting mail at BYU
Year 21 - Decided to go into Information Systems, worked as a balloon animator
Year 22 - Finally figured out what a computer does and worked at the BYU server room, got a job offer with PwC
Year 23 - Graduated, moved to Philadelphia, started working for PwC
Year 24 - Met Pete, Dated Pete, Got engaged to Pete
Year 25 - Got Married, Phillip was born, Moved to California
Year 26 - Moved to Utah
Year 27 - Lily was born
Year 28 - Pregnant with Amelia
Year 29 - Amelia was born
Year 30 - I got an iPad! ha! Just kidding!

Friday, October 01, 2010

A Crazy Week!

So, I had a big project at work this week. I had to rely on a lot of people to help out .. THANK YOU to Pete, Merilyn, Penny, Paige, Mom & Becca! The week got even crazier when on Tuesday, Phillip in the kids were jumping around and BUMP!! Phillip cut his head. It was a pretty big cut. Pete took Phillip to Instacare. Phillip did really good and was conversing with the doctor like an adult. The doctor asked him what he was up to, and Phillip said, "Well, ... um I'm going to turn six." (his 5th birthday was last week). He asked Pete, "Why are they putting strings in my forehead?" .. he also said, "I feel like a fish" and made the motion of a hook pulling the skin of a fish. This was our first time getting stitches for someone in the family. I wasn't there for the commotion, but I'm glad that he was well taken care of! I'm excited for General Conference this weekend. :-) A great way to relax after a stressful week!