Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Egg Hunts

We went to the annual easter egg hunt in Mapleton. It was fun watching the kids rush around the yard with their cousins rushing to get eggs. Phillip has gotten into the 'egg hoarding' stage where he is worried about how many eggs he will get. (notice I could not get a picture of his face .. he was VERY determined). We were pretty close to getting in trouble for leaving all of the kids candy in Mapleton. Lily 'collects' eggs. She runs to get eggs, but doesn't seem too concerned about what she gets. Amelia is in the 'grab it, shake it, open it, eat it' stage. It was a great function and we had a chance to eat some great home-made bagels, cookies and blarb.

The kids had a short nap on the drive home and we went to another easter dinner and easter egg hunt at Pete's parents house. We told them not to expect us, but we came and were the last to leave! It's great to see family around the holidays!

Now I'm glad that the Easter Bunny has all of the baskets and treats ready!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Trip to the Zoo!

It was April Fools and one of the first warm days this spring!

Here is a recap of our April Fools:

1st - Pete tipped over the table and set plates on an upside-down table. (this was my first clue that it was April Fools).
2nd - Pete went crazy with the Vaseline. I kept grabbing random handles all day long and getting caught with the nice feeling of sticky Vaseline. (side-note ... I did leave the Vaseline on the shower handle and Pete got stuck with it a day later! hahaha)
3rd - Pete told Phillip that he doesn't like BYU and only will route for Utah. Phillip was shocked!! April fools! Phillip reused this one a few times.
4th - I hid Pete's keys and phone in a crock pot and put ketchup packets in his coat. I wasn't very good at hiding my mischievousness!
5th - Pete wrote 'April Fool' on our bedroom mirror.
6th - Phillip played with my phone and happened to turn on the mute button. It wasn't intentional but it took me about a half hour to find my phone hidden in his bed covers!

It was great to get to the zoo. Below are some pictures. It quickly became a very crowded day at the zoo. Highlights were: seeing a chicken get a male peacock riled to the point of showing all of his feathers, seeing the Tigers walking around and actually swimming! The very best was to enjoy some sunshine and seeing the kids faces. Amelia loved seeing the animals and kept calling them 'Goggies!" We spent some time by the Peacock and Amelia has another word in her vocabulary, "Geegock!"