Saturday, October 25, 2008

Garage Sale!

My family noticed some garage sale signs so this morning I checked the listings when I got up. Pete's Mom was nice to come over and sit with the kids for an hour. We only made it to one estate sale. It was GREAT! We got some cool vintage Christmas decorations (amber lights, santa, chasing lights, and ornaments). We also got a vintage fireman hat. A guy offered me 8$ for the fireman hat right after I bought it. I thought to sell it to him to help with the garage sale budget, but my Spidey sense thought that if this professional garage saler is offering me $8, then it must be worth a lot more. I just checked e-bay and there is one going for $80. Crazy! We got a cool red table for our downstairs kitchen, a small milk jug, some cool fabrics and an old fisherprice xylophone toy. We spent in all $22. We bought a santa from Walmart for $20, so once we return that we will be out only $2.

My favorite find is a poca-dot dress. My eye caught site of the black poca-dots and I thought I could use the fabric for something. However, I came home and tried on the dress and it is a perfect fit! I took a picture with our webcam, but you get the idea. I never find dresses that fit in the store, let alone at a garage sale!

Halloween Party

Well, we had a successful Halloween Party. We had REALLY good food. Homemade doughnuts (Thank you Becca!), homemade breadsticks (Thank you Al!), Costco Pizza (the take and bake kind), Decorated Carmel Apples, Sugar cookies and frosting, Jell-o Salad (Thanks RayAnne!) lady fingers, homemade root beer, artichoke dip, veggie dip, fruit tray and MUCH MUCH more! I was doing good on my diet, until last night and just couldn't resist.

We had some fun activities. Decorating cookies, decorating caramel apples, eating doughnuts on a string, and going outside to see the light show. We didn't get to bobbing for apples, but I guess there is always next year. Me, Hanna and her friend Autumn had fun bobbing for apples at 10:00PM after everyone had left!

We had some great costumes! Paige was trying to blend in with her camouflage. Paul had a realistic Darth Vader costume. The rest of their kids were super heroes and a cuddly bear. Al realized that having extra arms gets more in the way when she dressed as a spider. We had two pumpkins, four witches, two super-mans, two bat-mans, and many more!

Thanks everyone who helped out and came to enjoy the fun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Look Who is Growing Up!

Well, Lily is crawling now. She gets upset when we leave her in a room by herself. She starts crawling as she is crying. I bet she is saying to herself, "I have to crawl all the way down the hall to find you and all you have to do is pick me up before you go!"

She is starting to pull herself up on almost everything as well. She loves to stand against the toy box and pull out all of the toys.

So far she has only eaten two of my broom piles. I have to keep the house a lot cleaner now.

She hasn't lost her baby weight even with all of this exercise, which is good. I think she has the food gene. She always is trying to steal Phillip's drinks and food. I let her gnaw on a Pizza and she go SO excited. I had to take it away from her when she was gnawing off huge bites. She was SO upset!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fall Pictures

Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I used to go on 'Photo Safari's' every year to take pictures of the leaves changing. Here are some of my Fall pictures from our trip to Michigan. I'll have to take some around here in Utah as well.

Trip to Michigan


Pete wanted to take a training course and his work would pay for the travel, so we decided to go to Michigan where I grew up. Pete had never been to Michigan before, so it was fun to have the family see all of the sights.

We stayed at the Dearborn Inn for two days while Pete was at his classes. I took Phillip to the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. I was excited to see my favorite car, the Oscar Mayer Wiener car. Phillip has a grumpy face in the picture because he was yelling at the guy taking the picture saying, "That's Mommy's Camera!"

We went to a trick-or-treat event at Greenfield village. They had witches and over 5000 Jack-O-Lanterns. It was really cool. Phillip's favorite was the skeletons playing the Xylo-bones.

I'd say the highlight of our trip was going to the farm. Bryan got out all of the toys and Phillip had fun riding the 4-wheeler. He was so worn out from all of the fun he fell asleep during our family ride. We picked apples at the neighboring far from their orchard and made apple cider. Pete loved the cider and kept drinking glass after glass, eventhough there was a chance he would get sick from all of that juice!

Phillip was so excited to play with Nick, his cousin. He kept forgetting his name and would say, "Where did that boy go?"

I'd say the lowlight of the trip was how disoriented I was. I could not figure out where I was going half of the time. I even had to call for directions to go to church. Ga'ak! I kept telling Pete I only had about a mile radius of where I would drive.

We drove by and saw all of my schools, we drove by our old house. We also went to the Franklin Cider Mill. It was funny being back in Michigan. It has been almost 10 years since I lived there. Some things haven't changed and some things were so different.

It was a great trip and the kids did really good. We'll have to go again and meet up with Mark and Mary next time.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, it was a GREAT birthday weekend. It was kind of nice having my birthday on a Sunday. It meant that I could drag the festivities through the WHOLE weekend.

On Friday, Pete and I went to the Gateway. I had originally wanted to go to Happy Sumo. However, since I was getting nervous hungry we went to Tucanos, one of the all-you-can-eat Brazilian restaurants. Pete said, "Whose birthday is this?!" I normally take him to fruffy restaurants that serve frois grais, and Squab. Well, this time it was all the meat you could eat that had been roasted on a spit.

I wanted to go to Sephora, and for some reason I assumed there was one at Gateway. This is probably the fourth time I took Pete to a reastaurant or store, that suddenly was out of business or never existed. Ha!

On Saturday, I was able to get pedicures with some of my sisters. They were laughing at me because I knew way too much about all of the celebrities. (I listed all of Angelina Jolie's kids and ages) ha! I watch way too much E! News.

While I was gone, Phillip picked out a present for me. He got a 'Muppets Animal' card and Halloween sprinkles. He said, "This one is Mommy's Favorite!"

On Sunday, Phillip wanted to make me a cupcake. Thus the mess with the food processor lid and flour. :-) Lily was teething all weekend and has started crawling. She now gets stuck in random places in the room.

In all a GREAT birthday. Thanks for all of the happy birthday wishes. Facebook is GREAT!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy Halloween

Well, We are quite the 'Griswold' family. We already have our Halloween lights up. We got some software and hardware to time the lights to Halloween songs. We saw a house in California that did this for Christmas and we were inspired.

Pete was able to program all of the light sequences. The Orange lights are from our large Christmas lights, but we replaced all of the bulbs with orange lights. We have a FM transmitter so that we don't have to play the songs out loud. (That would get the neighbors mad pretty quickly :-) So, if you are in the neighborhood, tune to 106.7 FM. :-)

We will have a Christmas show as well with the nativity story and everything.

Enjoy the videos. Lily was bouncing in my lap and grabbing at the camera, so footage is a little shaky.

"This is Halloween" from Nightmare before Christmas

The Adams Family Theme song: