Thursday, October 20, 2011

Halloween Party

Well, I'm glad to say we successfully hosted our 4th Annual Halloween Family Party. It was a blast!

There was dancing! -- Here's Pete wearing Emily's Mortisha wig. It makes him look like a Hare Krishna!

There was a photo booth! Here are the kids enjoying the spotlight! Once there were more than 5 in the picture, everyone wanted to be in!

Of course apple bobbing and doughnuts on a string.

Fun costumes GaLORE! I like Pete's Yoda back-pack!

Minnie Mouse and a green M&M!

And the food! The skeleton was a cute idea for about 5 minutes. I kept on having to replace arms and legs. Within 10 minutes into the party it was a cutting board full of body parts.

Penny's Halloween bark. Thank you Pinterest!

So I don't have pictures of two of the highlights .. the Halloween show! I'll have to post a video soon! It was a rush to get the show together this year because it was raining all week until the day of the party!

Spook Alley! - The spook alley was even BETTER this year! WE had the "Dead Janitors" (one of the grandkids came up with that) in our heating closet ... Some talking skulls inside R2D2. Black lights, fog, strob lights, brains and eyeballs. The best part was we had one of the older grandkids dress up in a skeleton costume. You didn't notice the skeleton on the couch. while the kids touched the eyeballs and brains, the skeleton would get off the couch and scream at them! Pete was the skeleton the first couple of rounds. Phillip walked through the spook alley and was telling his cousins he wasn't scared. But when Pete scared them out of the spook alley, Phillip was freaked out. Phillip said, "DAD!! did you know there was a SKELETON in THERE!?

Not to give away any surprises, but I want to try these for next year ..

The biggest miracle was that we had the house clean and babysitter ready within 12 hours. Here's a Picture of Pete and me at the M&M store on the Vegas Strip!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Happy Birthday to WackyCathy

Well, I realized it is the 5 year anniversary to my blog! CRAZY!! Maybe I started the blog during the first week of October as a way to stretch out the celebration of my BIRTHDAY! hahahaha!

When I started the blog it was BEFORE Facebook. I think there was Friendster and MySpace, but I didn't really want to put my info on those sites. I started it mainly to stay in touch with friends and family. It now is probably the best source for a family history.

So what's happened in the last 5 years!!?

Lived it up in California
Moved to Utah and lived here for 4 years now!
Welcomed, Lily, Amelia, and now expecting little boy #4
Phillip started Kindergarten
House Projects GALORE
Cooking GALORE
Vacations: Disneyland, Disney World, Hawaii, San Diego, Michigan, Arizona
Lots of funny stories and pictures of the kids.

Here are some of my favorite posts:

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Fall Preparations & Birthday Week!

I LOVE the fall! Probably because my birthday is in October. Growing up in a big family, I felt really special that I had the month of October all to myself. It was MY birthday MONTH!! Well, Phillip's birthday is a week and half before, Amelia's birthday is now 2 weeks after, so I get to relish my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!

I LOVE canning grape juice. It's SO EASY! You pick the grapes, wash them, put them in the juicer and fill the mason jar. My sister made grape juice this year and kept calling me for help. I couldn't answer many of her questions ... hmmm.. I finally realized why I LOVE making grape juice. It's because Pete does ALL THE WORK and I get ALL THE CREDIT!! Yesterday I was at work and I came home and Pete had already processed 17 quarts of grape juice. I did help with picking grapes, but our final total of 31 quarts of grape juice was juiced, processed and mess cleaned by Pete.

Our Halloween decorating is in full swing. Here is the latest picture of our mantel. Again, Pete pulled out all of the decorations. I did make some of the gourds a few years ago, but I don't know if they would see the light of day if it wasn't for Pete! He even picked up dinner for the rest of the week from Costco! What a great way to start my Birthday WEEK!

Now my only problem is to decide which halloween crafts/treats I want to get done for our family Halloween party. I'm addicted to Pinterest and I have 67 pins on my Halloween board. YIKES!!