Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cat in our Floorboards!!

Well, we had a little scare Saturday morning. Pete had started taking out the storm windows and i guess there was a little crack open. We woke up to a cat meowing and saw that there was a cat inside our house outside our bedroom. Ga;ak!!!

It hid downstairs, and Pete chased it back upstairs. It found a hiding place in the floorboards. You can barely see it in the video b/c I was freaked out. We eventually chased it out of the house. Good Times!!

Home Renovations Part II

Well, Some more exciting pictures from our "Construction Site." We are down to the fridge, Po-ang chair and my african chair in the family room. (Had to move the couches downstairs b/c of the dust). You get a real feel for the dust with the picture of the comb. This was the dust that had settled around the comb that I left on the table.
Pete has been hard at work. He finished ripping out the tile and cabinets. He finished most of the crown molding. Our brother-in-law has helped out a lot with the electrical. I love the new lighting. :-)

Phillip is enjoying the new dining room. His new train set is our only furniture in the room for now. I liked the picture of phillip rolling around in the dirt. I'm glad that we are doing this now, phillip doesn't really mind the mess. He likes to find little pieces of insulation or rubble and drop it between the floor boards.

The last picture is Pete taking a rest enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Phillip & Toast


Phillip is getting bigger. He's almost 2!! WEIRD. Here are some pictures of Phillip eating his favorite food. Toast with peanut butter and jelly. TOAST!!!

Home Renovations

Well, We've only just Begun ....

Picture One & Two - The "Before" from a walk-through the house before we closed. (**A Disclaimer** The IVY on the ceiling is NOT mine) ha!

Picture Three - In the process of knocking out the wall.

Picture Four - The OPEN kitchen

Pete has been working like crazy and so far he has - removed most of the cabinets, knocked out a few walls, ripped up tile and carpet.

I'm excited for the end-product. Wood floors and a kitchen that is open to the family room. I'll keep posting as we go along.