Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Lily - Our new little scooter

I had set Lily down on the Boppy Pillow. I had given her some baby toys to play with. I was a little confused that she was playing with blocks and plastic animals, but I figured Pete gave them to her. Huh...

Then I realized that she has started to scoot herself around and lifted herself up on our toy box and was pulling out toys for herself. She is growing up WAY too fast! She also grabs at any toys that Phillip is playing with. He'll get annoyed and say .. "play with THIS one." (a less favorite toy that he is willing to share).

Phillip is pretty sweet with her. He'll say, "you want your mommy?" when she starts crying. In the car, if she is fussy, he'll force a fake laugh to get her to smile and say, "That's a silly face!"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Recap

Pete and Phillip "Fishing" at Wasatch Park

Phillip dancing at the Bountiful Pioneer Parade.

Our Chicken Eggs!

This has been a busy summer. I feel like it has flown by. Here are my highlights and lowlights of Summer

1. Fireworks - We had fun doing fireworks and watching fireworks for both the 4th and 24th. We watched the Bountiful fireworks from Pete's Parents Deck. Now every night Phillip asks for fireworks.

2. Barbecues - I've gained a little weight after all of the barbecues that we have had. I think my favorite combination is RayAnne's Jell-o, Ribs, potato salad, hamburger, hot dog, coleslaw, and beans ... wait maybe that's why I gained weight. I can't say anything about corn on the cob because I can't eat it with my braces.

3. Swimming - We had fun swimming at Becca's in-law's pool. We even got a sneak peak at the neighborhood pool. We even turned down the temperature on our hot tub so that it would be refreshing to get into during the heat of the summer.

4. Chicken eggs - We finally have chicken eggs! Finally, a return on our investment! Here is a picture of the eggs next to the Costco eggs.

5. Passing my CISA test. I'm now a Certified Information Systems Auditor. I have also been an Sanitation Engineer (Janitor), Entrepreneur (tying balloons for people at restaurants), and cake decorator.

Low Lights

1. A not so bountiful harvest. I spent a considerable amount of time and a little money on my first vegetable garden. I had little starts all around the yard. Pete thought that I had a systematic thought process and that I was testing the soil and sun exposure in our yard. No... I just went to Lowes, Home Depot, and J&L garden too much on an empty stomach. The chickens ate all of my cucumbers, and squash. Phillip keeps picking my green tomatoes. I guess there is always next year.

2. Sick Kids and getting sick - This summer we had a few bugs move through the family. Nothing like the cryptosperidium from last year.

3. It all goes by sooo quickly - Lily is sitting up and eating rice cereal. She is always playing with her toys and starts to grab at our food. She even had a nacho chip because she grabbed it really quick off my plate and shoved it in her mouth. I guess it's o.k. because I once gave my nephew James a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and Doritos when he was 5 months old. He turned out o.k. :-) Here's a picture of Lily in her exersaucer. How do you like our application of the label maker?

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jogging Crew

I am trying to get back in shape. I had a bit of a hiatus from exercising after I injured my foot and went back to work. I took the kids for a walk and jog, now that Lily is old enough. The first picture is from April and they were all bundled up for a walk. The second picture is from last Friday. I can't believe how big Lily has gotten! She can pretty much sit up on her own. She has quite the caboose to support her. ha!

Phillip has been saying really funny things lately. We were eating dinner and he said, "It's HOT, you have to be careful. It's dangerous. Remember?" and "I ate it all gone like a shark."

He is very good with his comparisons, "Lily is cute like Mommy." Or, "I'm a big boy like Daddy."

I've had a really long week with work so hopefully I can catch up all of our Summer events soon!