Sunday, March 27, 2011

The things you can get at Costco!

So it has been a year since I started tracking our spending at I ran some quick queries to see where all of the money went. When I looked up the money that went to Costco ... it was EYE OPENING!!

I LOVE Costco. Where else can you walk out of the store with a king-sized mattress and a fountain diet coke? Where else can you buy a 3 year supply of ketchup and a wireless router? Needless to say, Costco has been my one-stop-shop. I would find any excuse to go to Costco ... um we are out of bread and I only like the Aspen-Mills brand .. got to go to Costco. I need cheese, I need paper towels ... the problem is that I ALWAYS leave with things that I don't need. Matching outfits for Lily & Amelia, large amounts of guacamole, quasi-healthy chips.

Well, I'm on a Costco diet right now. We are trying a milk delivery service. It's more expensive than the store, but I'm thinking I will end up saving money because it will keep me away from the store. So far I love it! I am also going to start getting the bountiful basket ( every other week for produce.

It will be a good to send Pete for a few items and keep me away from that jungle gym set up high that is just taunting me!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mommy Monster

Phillip came home with a 'Family Tree' journal from Joy School. I could not quit laughing! I asked, "Phillip is this a picture of me?" He said, "yeah" "Why am I so angry?" Phillip said, "oh yeah, that's a picture of a monster."

Whether he drew this as a picture of me or not, It's nice having a very honest insight from a 5-year-old.

Friday, March 11, 2011

First Yard Sale of the Season!

Pete and I had a great day in the Sun at Canyons! We came upon a run that was called 'Yard Sale'!' Notice Pete is pointing to 'experts only' sign. Yes, it was a double black run, but it could have another meaning as well ... 'expert Yard Salers' only!

Do's and Don't's if yard saling.

1. Don't leave items unattended ... Even if you have paid for them! If you have to get a bigger car, leave someone with the stuff. If you have a pile of stuff .. keep someone buy it. Other 'expert' garage salers have bought and taken from our pile of 'treasures' many times! ;-)
2. Do get out there early. Early bird gets the best deal!
3. Don't forget to check in! Always have your cell phone with you in case a friend or neighbor calls you about the item that you might want.
4. Do make a wish list! And this is where I get philosophical ... Make a list of things you would like to find or get ... If you want, tell your fellow yard saler friends. Like Oprah says, put it out in the Universe and you will find it ... ;-)
5. Don't overspend or waste TOO much time! Keep a budget of time and money. Cash in hand is what you have to spend. Don't shop past 9:00 AM. Breaking either rule should have a REALLY good reason ;-)
6. Don't buy junk! If you won't use it or don't need it, it's not a good deal. However, someone's trash is another persons treasure. I say this to myself because I treasure SO MANY things! I think Pete and I are collectors of odd items and we have to stay clear of 'hoarding' ;-) My favorite thing to do to stop myself from hoarding is to surprise friends and family with some treasures: 5 foot tall stuffed Bugs Bunny and Yosemiti Sam, Playbill from Sigfried and Roy, Porcelain cat dressed in Victorian Clothes ... Treasures for sure!

Well, we are inching to yard sale season! May this be a good year of thrifting to you all!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Happy Birthday Lily!

A little Belated, but I wanted to write a post about Lily's Birthday. Lily turned 3! I can't believe it! I bought Hello Kitty cupcakes for Amelia's 1-year-old birthday, and since October Lily wanted a Hello Kitty party for herself. I swear .. no persuasion by me .. well a little .. I LOVE Hello Kitty!

After the party Lily was playing with her dolly's and it was one of the dolls birthday and she said, "You need to get a big Heyo Kitty balloon." .. ok done. "then you have to get Hello Kitty cupcakes" .. ok. "then all the frwends sing happy birthday." It's great to see that she loved the party!

Lily has been our little princess since she was a baby. She always LOVES pretty sparkly things. She definitely has a sense of fashion that I will have to tread lightly as she gets older. I bought her some fleece outfits to wear this winter, but they haven't seen much action because she says, "NOT cozy clothes .. I want TIGHTS and a skirt!" They had pajama day at pre-school and the only way I got her to wear her pajamas was to do her hair, put on tights with a 'dress jammy.'

Lily loves to help me get ready and cook. It doesn't always turn out very good .. she rubbed my nice mascara all over her lips 5 minutes before church. She dumped a bunch a salt in a batch of pancakes. In the end, there's no harm done. My favorite is when she tries to pick out outfits for me. She hates my running shoes, "Not THOSE shoes mommy" then she'll get some ridiculous shoes that I still have that have a 5 inch heal "WEAR THESE!"

She has grown up so much! The night of her birthday she marched downstairs to her big-girl room and said she was going to sleep in her big-girl bed. She didn't stay there long, but I was amazed that in her head she thought, "I'm 3 now, I should sleep in my own room downstairs!"