Monday, September 09, 2013

Back to School BBQ

I had a long day at work ... I even plugged in my headset!  Nice :)

After I got home from work, we had fun going to the school back to school night.  Phillip got to go on the bounce house .. I always seem to run out of money at those things.  The girls were fine with just the playground :) 

The kids are excited about our new job chart .. I'll post a picture tomorrow :)

Happy Henrie :)

Can't pull these kids from the school!

New day! New beginnings!

I have realized that I need to at least keep up this blog at least as a family scrapbook.  

I will update once a week if not more!

I do love instagram & kinda of Facebook.  

This will be where I record funny stories & things that my kids say :)