Saturday, March 20, 2010

Garage Sale Clothes!

I've always been jealous of my sister Emily who gets great clothes at garage sales. 7 Jeans, True Religion all for pennies.

I went to the mall last night because I had a Banana gift card and they have a 30% of sale for everything in the store (sale goes through today for also Gap and Old Navy). I was excited to get a shirt which cost about $30.

Last night I was looking for garage sales and I even looked in Farmington, thinking that there are younger people there and I would have better luck getting clothes. I got out the door this morning to look at an estate sale in the older part of Bountiful. I was expecting vintage knick knacks. I got there and there were clothes ... clothes .. CLOTHES!! They were all my size. She had my same coloring. We have the same style! It's like I had a personal shopper, but she wore the clothes first and then gave them to me for pennies.

This is what I spent $25:
BCBG lounge suit
Juicy lounge suit
Two sweaters from Anthropology
7 Jeans (they are skinny jeans, I need to figure out that look)
some baby-doll tees
some printed tees
3 or 4 more blouses
white peddle pusher shorts
bracelet, scarf
and a few more items, I can't remember.

Now I'm rethinking that Banana shirt ... hmmm...

My sister was joking that these clothes are probably 2 to 3 years behind fashion (let's face it we live and Utah and I bought the clothes at a garage sale). But for me, most of my clothes are circa 2002, 2003. So, a pile of clothes from 2007, or 2008 is GREAT!!

I'll have to write a post about it at our new mom style blog. It's a blog where we have multiple contributors and talk and laugh about our "Mom Style." The Mom Look. Check it out!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cheer-up Aerobics!

Cheer-up aerobics are a long standing tradition in my life. I always have dress-ups in an easy-to-access location. It's great exercise, and LOTS of fun. Thanks to my friend Melanie who likes to make silly videos as much as I do! :-)

Enjoy the show!

Monday, March 15, 2010

If you give me a lighted shamrock ...

Like the book, "If you give a mouse a cookie..." It all started with the clearance lighted shamrocks. Pete bought them last year at his favorite place to get clearance holiday items: Rite Aide.

I saw the shamrocks and thought, "hmm I ought to hang those up somewhere." I was going to hang them inside, but they were a little bright. So I looked outside. "Hmmm... I also have the 20 yards of green rope light .. I should pull that out."

Then, and this is the best part, I realized that we still have the roof lights on the house from Christmas and plugged in the green lights. I set it all up on March 1st. It was a little obnoxious so I haven't turned it on until tonight.

So the next two days we will pretend we are proud Irish. Don't worry, I'll pull it down in a few days to get ready for our EASTER LIGHTS!! (Just kidding!)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Disney On Ice

We took all three kids to Disney On Ice yesterday. It was fun to see Phillip's reaction. He was really excited to see the Pixar cars. He said, "Dad! That's the REAL Lightning McQueen!" But, he said that the Little Mermaid wasn't real.

Pete was smart to get the light up whirly-gig toys from DI last year before we went to Disneyland. (We spent $2 on two toys and they were $15 each at Disneyland). Pete remembered again and we brought our light up toys to Disney on Ice. The entire complex was surrounded by light-up toys that started at $20 each! We did get the cotton candy that came with the stylish flower hat. Who knows! Maybe I can wear it when I garden this spring!

It was a fun family outing!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Need a Hero!

I came across this video. It's very moving. I hope you enjoy it!

Did you recognize the hero? This is one of the virals of the week!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Digital Flop

Yeah, I tried to upgrade my RAM on my computer. It didn't work out. Here's a link to the post.

I was so frustrated. Also, my nano ipod konked out on me. (I'm not very easy on my electronics). It makes me a little sad ... Pete bought it for me when Phillip was born! Weird! (I guess that's what happens when you prefer techie gadgets instead of things that last). I went to Walmart to get a little pick-me-up: a new shuffle. "An Apple a day keeps the Dr. away!"

My favorite aspect of the shuffle is the voice commands that helps you navigate your playlists. Here are a few of my favorite play list titles: "Running like a cool cat" "Running like a spaz" "Teenybopper mix" "Cathys 35 minute trim down" "Ultimate Cleaning mix." It's really funny to hear the computer voice recite all of my silly play lists.

Here's my problem... I'm a techie junky. I love to find good solutions to replace or add to my array of gadgets. The problem is I usually buy the gadget before everyone else does. Then, I tell everyone how great it is. Then ... (here's the kicker) a few months later everyone gets the same gadget that is BETTER and is CHEAPER than what I had already paid.

I think there are 8 family members that have bought MAC computers. It was a little bit sad when my mom had a much faster Mac computer than me! I can't even count how many people have bought the flip. And you know what .. It is ALL because of me!! It's not that they are good products. It's because of MEEE!! ha!

Just so you know I fully endorse "The Flip" for a video camera for moms. You can get a Flip Mino which is the size of a cell phone and shoot in HD. It's about $100 at Costco. Please let me know if you buy a flip so I can send them a bill.