Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 2012

It has been a busy month of eating, sleeping, napping, & resting for both me and Henrie. I was glad to get a bunch of meals when Henrie was 3 weeks old. I got back into cooking and had the crazy idea to cook 10 pounds of pork. Ha! I had 5 pounds of Cuban pork and 5 pound of Cafe Rio pork. I think I prefer the Cuban. Here's the recipe. I think I was craving the Cuban food that we ate when we went to Florida! Very good!

Mouth of babes update - the kids have been saying funny things lately!

Amelia - Pete was talking to Amelia and said, "Amelia, are you my sweet sweet baby?" and Amelia in a decibel which she can only reach screamed, "I AM NOT YOUR SWEET BABY!!."

Amelia likes to play pretend with her dollies. Since I'm usually sitting on the couch feeding the baby I started playing pretend with the girls with my hand. Now she has taken to the idea and I catch her playing with her hands. The right hand is 'The Mommy' and her left had is the baby or "honey."

Lily - Lily was playing with one of her babies and started saying "this little piggie"
"This little piggie went to the store, This little piggie went to Costco, This little piggie went to Cathy Rio, This little piggie went to get pizza, and this little piggie had none." (very telling of what we have been eating lately!

Phillip - Phillip is still very inclined to build a mine shaft in our back yard. He is going to dig for gold to pay for his mission. He has drawn plans. A very accurate arial view of our back yard. He has a 12 step plan with a picture of each activity (1. Wait for Summer 2. Dig with my tools 3. Use Daddy's tools to dig deeper etc.) Phillip kept asking how much a mission costs. I guess he's trying to budget his future gains from our back yard. He ended up coming up with $50,000. He said that he would get $50,000 worth of gold in the back yard. However, by the time he goes on a mission gold will be worth 3 times as much, so he will share his money with other people. Here is his list of Beneficiaries: Poor People, Lily, Amelia, Henrie, and Grandpa Olsen. He will only give me and Pete a "Little Bit" because we don't really care about money.

Henrie - He reminds me a lot of how Phillip was. He often has a concerned look on his face. I guess he is trying to figure out this world as soon as he can.

Me - I keep spending too much time on Pinterest. I decided I should share one of my tips this month is an easy salad dressing recipe. See below.

What cute kids! Manufactured pose!

Natural Chaos!

Cute little kids! I feel like I have so many kids! I have to use the red-eye remover on 8 cute little eyes!

The girls playing "This little Piggie" with their Opa. They will have to share their new version.

Girls playing in the snow. It has been a dry month and we finally have snow on the ground. I have enjoyed having the warmer weather!

Easy salad dressing: Use an almost empty mustard jar. 1/3 vinegar (red wine, balsamic, regular) 2/3 Olive oil, 1 TBS of honey, salt and pepper. Shake and you are done!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Henrie Update

So Henrie is more than 2 weeks old now! Can't believe it's only that much time! It seems he has always been a part of our family.

He is our 'Three-Pete." Phillip is sometimes referred to as 'Re-Pete' and this little guy reminds me a LOT of Phillip. He often has a furrowed brow as he is trying to figure out the world.

I have some great care-takers. Phillip held the baby for about a half hour yesterday as I was making dinner. I had to make sure the baby smelled o.k. because Phillip couldn't stand the smell of a messy diaper. Amelia has filled up bottles for him, full of tang, water, whatever she can find. A few times she has tried to 'feed' him. Lily asks to hold him first thing in the morning and patiently waits by me as I feed him for her turn. Overall, I would say he has a calm personality and such a great addition to the family.

Thank you to everyone who has sent presents and well-wishes! He is a cute little guy!

Presents made for the new baby (A car made out of stickers).

Wide awake and soaking it all in.

Henrie's biggest fans!