Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flyin' Free in St. George!

We were able to get away this weekend and go to St. George! Yay! I guess we missed a big snow storm today. It has been really theraputic to be outside and in the sun. I love the expression on the kids faces ;-)
So I have had my website up for 3 weeks. I have made almost $20 with the Google Adsense. Yay! (The funny thing is that I've spent way more than 20 hours on it!)
Everyone has been asking how it works. I created an entry on how to add Google Adsense to your blog. Anywho, you sign up for a Google Adsense account and add the Google Adsensewidget to your blog. The Adsense account tracks how many times people click on your ads. Companies pay google to insert text or picture ads. Google then matches the ads to the type of content on the page.

I just posted an entry, Anti-Virus Explained: Does your computer have a cold? . My sister Al thought I needed to better explain the Anti-Virus in general ... dumb it down a big :-) I'd like to get feedback. Let me know if you have any questions you'd like me to research. I'm going to try and update the site 1 to 2 times a week. Send the link to those who you think would be interested. :-)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Vintage Amelia

I had to blog this picture.

The dress was Pete's Grandma's (Leona Olsen) when she was a baby. I first found the bonnet and a little baby slip at a garage sale. Pete's mom then found the dress and shall to match.

I got her dressed up for church this morning. She did pretty good during Relief Society. During Sunday School she started SCREAMING!! She was really backed up and I was running back and forth getting diapers and wipes. Gaak! Everyone kept asking what was wrong. Anywho, after getting poop on me and the beginnings of a migraine, we called it quits.

I was able to take some pictures when she was in a better mood. She's pretty cute!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quick Update - Under Pressure Cooking

My new website is a fun new hobby. I checked my Google Adsense account and I have an estimated earnings of $6.20. That's about maybe 50 cents an hour not including the cost to host my site. ha! I will post an blog entry on how to make money on your blog.

I just posted an article on how to optimize your mac. I have convinced many family members to purchase Macs for their home computers. Mine was starting to run a little slow (4 years old). I tried out a few of the tips that I read online.

Amelia is now 3 months old! She is smiling and giggling. I told Phillip that a fairy was born when she giggled for the first time (from the Tinkerbell movie) ha!

Phillip and Lily are funny as usual. Here they are wearing a pair of our shoes. Lily finally figured out how to put on my knee-high boots.

Phillip has been asking really thought provoking questions. I think he saw a show about astronauts and he asked, "How come we don't fall off the earth into space?" I tried to give him a simple answer but he kept asking, "but HOW do we NOT FALL INTO SPACE?!" I then had to explain gravity and that's how things fall. He's a pretty smart kid! ha!

Phillip really likes playing with my iTouch. I've set boundaries so that he doesn't download anything. He used a doodle application to 'enhance' and picture of Pete and Amelia.

Soooo... yesterday I was doing cooking projects. I was going to blog them as under pressure cooking. I made a chicken noodle soup with my pressure cooker. I was planning on making chicken stock from the chicken back and wings. I put all of the ingredients in the pot and was about to add the water when I realized, I didn't put it in the pot but on the HEATING ELEMENT. Ga'ak! Soo... I got all of the ingredients out .. no harm done. I won't make that mistake again. I had two chicken breasts and thighs that I was going to cook, but I put them in the oven while I was making the chicken stock. I forgot to set a timer and I ended up roasting them for an hour and half. G'ak!! I kept thinking of what Pete's Mom (a kindergarten teacher) would say to her students, "It's o.k. to make mistakes while you are learning." Well, I did learn that I need to set timers, and take things slowly if I'm going to do cooking projects. I also learned that cooking projects are a lot better if Becca is in the kitchen.

But, I will use every last bit of those two chickens I bought from Costco

2 thighs and 2 breasts -> chicken noodle soup
2 thighs and 2 breasts -> cooked chicken meat (a little overcooked :-)
back, wings -> chicken stock -> lentil soup and future soups
drumsticks -> terriyaki chicken

Friday, January 15, 2010

Securemama weighs in on Free McAfee

Here's a link to my latest posting. I was interested to see that McAfee was offering free anti-virus for 6 months. There's more to this story .. to read more go to my site.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Karpe Diem

Seize the DAY!!

So.... I thought it is now or never that I attack the idea that I've had in my head for the past two months. Write computer-security content that is geared to moms.

I mentioned before that I wanted to write a book. Well, the problem is that I would actually have to "write" it. So I decided to create a website to share the content. I have submitted my application to Google Adsense and have a donation page. I figure I can help people now, and if I ever turn the blog/site into a book .. then great!

So... Please check out the site. Let me know what you think!

Monday, January 11, 2010

I Can't Leave DI empty handed

So, after cleaning out our closets, Pete and I had about 8 garbage bags full of clothes. It was SO nice to get rid of stuff and feel less cluttered. When we took the stuff to DI I thought, "I don't think we should get anything, since we JUST cleaned out."

Pete walked through the store. He said, there is a Federalist dining table. My eyes got really big. I may have inherited my mom's gene of loving antiques. I went in and ran back to the car and told Pete I wanted it. I held onto the table while Pete brought the kids inside. Pete said that I was glaring at anyone who was looking at the table. (a little territorial?) So, for $75 we got a Federalist dining table which can seat 12 people once the leaves are in. Right now it's in the corner of our living room.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Screaming in the New Year

I thought I'd post that funny picture of Amelia, our New Years Baby, screaming with all of the New Year's paraphernalia.

So we are already 10 days into the NEW YEAR! I was cleaning out my documents on my computer and I found a eating journal with one entry from January 9, 2009. (the file name was 'eating log star date 1.9.2009' I am a nerd! I thought .. that's funny I was trying to lose weight right before I got pregnant.

So I think I will share my New Years goals, so that maybe I will have a better chance of completing them. In no particular order:

1) Running - I want to run the Provo Half Marathon. I should have enough time to build up mileage by the end of summer. The only problem will be on Saturdays will be, do I go on a long run? or do I go garage saling? ... Probably garage saling

2) CISSP - I've had these HUGE study books on my shelf or almost a year now. I think it's now or never that I become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. I'm already a CISM (Certified Insane Silly Mommy) :-)

3) Paint - I want to paint at least one picture this year. Last year with the remodel, I didn't have a painting spot. Right now Pete is fixing up the downstairs kitchen which will be a great spot with enough light and ventilation to paint. I may take a class at the Bountiful Art Center. We'll See.

4) Write a book about computer security

These are pretty ambitious goals. I will be glad to check one goal off my list. :-) I guess I should have baby steps with the 3 kids - shower, eat, and make sure the laundry pile doesn't get taller than me. (It's not very hard, I'm kind of short) ha!