Monday, September 22, 2008

Rescue Jungle Party

Well, Phillip turns three on Wednesday. I can't believe it has already been three years. It seems like only yesterday that we were anxiously waiting to have Phillip. I even started crying when Britney Spears had her baby before me. (I was 12 days late with Phillip and it wasn't fair because she was due after me!) ha!

Phillip has been so much fun and has the funniest personality. Lately Phillip loves to help Pete "Fix." He often says, "Dad, you're the Mazing! You're the Mazing Boy!" He's starting to repeat stuff that we say. One time, he was getting frustrated that I wasn't listening to what he was saying. He said, "You need to listen, the FIRST time!"

For his birthday party, I had my heart set on a Jungle party. But, because of his recent interest in Diego, we had a Jungle Rescue Party.

Of course, we got into the dress-ups. We did the chicken dance, the Elephant walk, and rescued stuffed animals around the yard. It's funny how hours of planning result in a 15 minute game at a party. The best part of parties is people eating good food and having a fun time. We even had an impromptu karaoke jam! We are so glad that Pete's dad is better and can share his love of Frank Sinatra. ;-) Pete's Sister Paige also really got into the singing.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Gentleman Farmer

Well, it's harvest season. Even though my vegetable garden didn't do so well this year, we are reaping the benefits of our "Easter Chicks." Right now we are getting 4 eggs each day. We still had some Costco eggs in the fridge and they are pretty much the same size. So that is two dozen eggs a week! I will need to start giving away the extra eggs because I don't know how many breakfast casseroles, or quiches I will be able to make! Let me know if you have any good egg recipes.

My dad recently had a blog entry regarding "Farm Genes." I guess we are passing on the great tradition of living off the land. Ha! It's nice to know that we would have fresh eggs even if our electricity went out.

The chickens definitely listen to Pete and respect him as the "Farmer." They are very tame and will even perch on his head or shoulder if he is out working in the yard.

We have "Big Red Hen" and "Little Red Hen." We also have "Patty" and "Selma." Big Red likes to hang out on our Patio and has even snuck inside the house when I wasn't looking. Big Red also likes to lay her eggs in the bottom basket of our double jogger.

I was thinking of all of the sayings that we get from chickens, "Getting your feathers ruffled." This definately happened when I had to jump our neighbors fence and capture a few chickens that were exploring their yard.

"Pecking Order" - Once we got rid of the Rooster (Checkers). (And No, we did not eat Checkers) Big Red stepped up and became the "Ruler of the Roost"

Check out this site for more chicken sayings.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Best of Friends

When you're the best of friends

Having so much fun together

You're not even aware, you're such a funny pair

You're the best of friends

Life's a happy game

You could clown around forever

Neither one of you sees, your natural boundaries

Life's one happy game

Phillip and Lily are getting to be good friends and play really good together. Thank you to Stacey who took the pictures while she was helping me out!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Busy Labor day

Well, it's been almost a week late but here is our Labor Day Report!

We had a packed weekend. We went to Swiss Days in Midway. It was fun to go on Friday because it wasn't as crowded. But, still didn't get any pictures because our hands were full. We stayed at the Zermatt hotel. It was actually really nice ... until we wanted to go to sleep. Phillip didn't settle down and go to bed until midnight. Lily was up at 1:00AM who then woke up Phillip, who then woke up Lily. Note to self ... next time we stay at a hotel we need to leave the kids, or get geared up for a night without sleep :-)

On Saturday we tried to avoid the crowds of Swiss Days we went to Soldier Hallow to see the annual sheep dog herding competition. They also had SplashDogs there! It was a really random, yet surprisingly entertaining event. Here is a clip of someone successfully herding their sheep for a grand total score of 74! (You have 13 minutes to get the sheep through a series of gates, separate the sheep then get them into the pin).

Later in the day we got to go to the first BYU football game with both kids. As you can see Lily was quite the cheerleader. Phillip had his oversized football jersey and wanted to stand in Becca's family picture. It was REALLY hot at first. Drinking fountain line was quite the site! I decided to spend two dollars on a bottled water instead of waiting in line. Once the clouds started to cover it was a really fun game.