Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Feel Young Again!

I got braces today.  It was a little bit of an ordeal, but it didn't hurt as much as I thought.  We'll wait and see until tonight.

I feel like I can't eat ANYTHING.  I tried to eat a granola bar and it felt like my teeth were going to pop off.

Well, hopefully I'll have them off in 18 to 24 months.  Just in time for Phillip to go to Kindergarten.  WEIRD!

I've already had a few 'work' phone calls and had to consciously not spit out my 'S's.  Maybe if I try hard enough I can finally have good diction.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun in California!


We did it!

Day 1 - Fly in - Our flight was delayed and had to wait for the pilot.  Phillip was pretty good under the circumstances.  We got to Rick's 
house around 10:30 PM and left the kids in their dirt clothes asleep.

Day 2 - Santa Monica - We went to breakfast with Rick and Gemina in Brentwood.  We had some of the best french toast.

We went down to the pier to ride the ferris wheel and go to the beach.  The ferris wheel was a little bit tricky with two kids.  They shot us up really quick and stopped at the very top.  The ride was shaking and Pete was freaking out because Phillip was climbing up the seat.  Good Times!

It was fun to hang out with Rick and Gemina in Cali again!

Day 3 - Pasadena Swap Meet - Garage sales of all garage sales.  People were selling all of the junk that my mom has for $100.  I got a cute cookie jar for $5.  

Day 4 - We went to Downtown L.A.: The Santee alley and  Olvera Street.  We got some good toys for Phillip and a puffy dress for Lily.  

We went to a Sushi place with Pete's Aunt Connie.  She is friends with the owner.  It was the BEST sushi of my life!  She kept making some really neat creations.  I've never been that full from Sushi.

Pete & I went to ... MEDIEVAL TIMES!!!  IT WAS AWESOME.  More on this later ... it deserves its own entry.

Day 5 - Knotts Berry Farm - Phillip kept saying "Not Dairy Barn!"  Pete's parents watched the kids and Pete and I got to run around like teenagers and ride the big rides.  We even convinced Pete's Mom and Aunt to ride some big rides.

Day 6 - We drove down south and got to see Bina.  We had a BIG burger from Red Robin.  We went to the outlets at Carlsbad.  My favorite outlet mall ever.

Day 7 - Sea World!  We got to see Shamu, Sharks & Dolphins galore!

Day 8 - We drove to Cornado and went to the beach by the Del.  Very pretty beach.  I even got in the water!  We went to Sea World again and got some great seats for the Shamu show!

Day 9 - Flew home and did 6 loads of laundry.

In all, the kids were good even though Lily was sick and Phillip missed some naps.  Good to go away and good to come back.