Saturday, September 24, 2011

Shiver me timbers! Phillip is 6!

Wow! I can't believe Phillip is already 6 years old! He has been counting down to his birthday since probably May. I had a countdown app on my phone and got the alarm today that he is turning 6! His official countdown started about 3 weeks ago .. every morning, "Dad, only 21 more days until my BIRTHDAY!" "Dad, only 20 more days until my BIRTHDAY!"

Phillip is such a great little guy. I don't know how we got so lucky. He is very obedient little guy. As long as he knows the rules and the reason behind them he will not break the rule. The problem is that he keeps me to the same standard. "MOM!! Remember only ONE treat at the grocery store!!" ... "MOM! you forgot to close the door!" "MOM!! you need to put your shoes away"
Favorite Phillip quotes:

"Mom how does the money go to Jesus? Does it go in space?" (I think he was wondering how his tithing money is spent)

Phillip was asking Pete a lot of questions after Pete got off work. ("what's the tallest point on earth? What's the deepest part of the ocean? What lives there?) Pete said he was tired and needed a break. Phillip said, "but DAD, I'm just little and I want to LEARN!"

Phillip wanted some bigger bills in his wallet. He had just gotten six ones in a wallet from his Grandma and Grandpa. So we traded him a five for five ones. Then Phillip had a big smile on his face. "Dad, guess what I want for Christmas?!" "What?"

"TWO BIG BAGS full of MONEY". Pete and I started cracking up. He didn't like that we were laughing. He said, "I'm SERIOUS!! and I don't just want one dollars. I want all kinds of money, 100's 20's .. all different kinds of money." I told him he could ask his grandparents for that for christmas. :-) I asked him why he wanted money and he said, "You can buy ANYTHING with a hundred dollars" "Even a house?" "yeah, I could even buy my own house, but I'll live next door. "
So we had a few talks on the matter and a few days ago he told Lily, "Christmas isn't about getting money. It's about getting one toy that you really want." Baby steps I guess! ;-)

BTW, Pinterest has helped me in more ways that one. I think I used 4 ideas from the site:

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crafting with Cathy - Indian Corn Wreaths

I just joined Pinterest yesterday. I'm OBSESSED! All of those fun ideas, crafts, and all of that great food .. so little time!

Well, it inspired me to actually FINISH some of my craft ideas. I got a big box of mini indian corn from .. where else? a yard sale for one dollar. This box has been moving from the upstairs and downstairs .. then back downstairs .. until I finally got the stuff to finish it. I glue gunned it. All of the blogs said to use floral wire, but that was going to take FOREVER. So, I don't know how this will store. It's big and I have to wrap it to keep it away from potential rodents. But for here and now I HAVE A CRAFT!!