Sunday, January 18, 2009


Well, Lily started walking yesterday! She has been pulling herself up for a few months. A few weeks ago she started pushing around our chairs and a plastic walker. She even would walk down the hall holding onto the wall like Spiderman. Now she is taking steps and can walk a few feet at a time.

It's funny how the two can be so different and so much alike. Lily hasn't really liked bananas until I let her feed herself and take her own bites. Phillip LOVED to feed himself bananas and I found a picture of him eating one at the same age. He would inhale his bananas. Pete's sister, Paige would freak out when he would take two or three inch bites of banana at a time. ha!!

Phillip keeps us on our toes and says the funniest things. Pete was hanging up our framed quote of President Hinckley's book, "Way to Be". Phillip asked what that was and Pete listed off the different values, "Be Grateful, Be Smart, Be Involved, Be Clean, Be True, Be Positive, Be Humble, Be Still, Be Prayerful."

Phillips said, "yeah, Be Great, Be Prayerful, and stay out of the way!"

Phillip's latest thing is to act like different characters: "Three" the dog, a nice ghost, an ice cream salesman, and a baby named 'meme.' He's pretty intense when he plays make believe and it's really hard for him to break character. He even got angry with Lily because she was walking towards the spot where Pete had set down an imaginary glass of lemonade.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Home Haircuts

I was going to go to Cookie Cutters to get Phillip's Haircut.  But, last time I paid $15 and Pete didn't really like how it turned out.  Soooo... I got out the shears and scissors and was VERY careful.  Home Haircuts can be treacherous!

The last time we cut Phillip's hair was right before his birthday.  He was fighting us and moved his head so we had to give him a buzz cut.  It was so sad when he looked in the mirror.  He said, "I don't like it!" and started crying.

Well, I think I did pretty good.  I figured I need to learn how to cut his hair sooner or later.   It's not perfect but I think I got the job done :-)   

Wish me luck once I have to start dealing with Lily's hair :-)



The Cathy Cutter Staff: Gracie, Phillip, and Lily

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Brand New Year

Here's a funny skit from Saturday Night Live. We saw it a few months ago and have saved it on our DVR. Phillip says, "I want to see 'I like chasing cars!'"  

Well, we have officially cleaned up our Christmas decorations and display. Since Pete was able to store the stuff so efficiently both Pete and I went on some Christmas Sale shopping spree. I bought a ton of christmas lights from Walmart at 60 cents a strand. Pete found a Santa sleigh and some outdoor light up figurines.  It should be fun.

Right now Lily is learning to walk.  She pushes chairs around the kitchen.  She also has a plastic walker.  She even got in trouble at church for stealing someone's walker.   There is a picture of her running with a chair below.

Phillip is doing really good on the Potty.  It will be a little while until he is fully potty trained, but he is making progress.  He got a CTR (Choose The Right) ring from his primary teacher.  He is really proud of it.  So we have been talking about good choices.  Today Phillip kept asking for apple juice and I was busy and kind of ignoring him.  He said, "Mommy you aren't listening to me!  That is not the right choice!"  

My New Years goals: Eat less, Exercise more, Watch less TV, and Paint more.  We'll see how it goes! :-)

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas Light Show

Here are the pictures and some video of our Christmas Light display. I had to get a video the night of New Years Eve because Pete and his dad worked most of New Years Day taking down the lights and lawn decorations. It's nice to have everything cleaned up, but I have to say I miss the crazy light display. Now we need to start shopping the after Christmas sales. For those going to garage sales, keep an eye out for solid color mini lights.

I took some pictures of our Nativity Display. Pete cut out the shapes and I painted the figures. It took a long time because we wanted the lines to be pretty sharp so that you can see it from the curb. We had lights on the nativity and had a clip from the "Merry Christmas Charlie Brown" movie where Linus reads the Nativity story from Luke Two.