Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Summer Went TOO quick!

I know that I don't have kids in school yet, but it's crazy that all of the kids are going back to school. Here is the picture of Phillip and Lily before their first day of pre-school. I liked Phillip's face. He doesn't do very well with 'posed' pictures.

We've started some fun projects. We are already working on some of our Christmas and Halloween light show items. I think we are a little bit different than most people. We went to the Dollar store to see what Halloween stuff they had. While we were there there was a lady that saw the Halloween stuff and said, "Gaah... Halloween isn't for another 2 months!"

We had a pretty good garage sale yesterday and last week. I got an exercise ball, some clothes for Lily and the baby. Pete got a bunch of tools and even a witches weather vain. I think the problem with us and garage sales is that most people would see a witches weather vain and think 'junk.' For us it is a GREAT find. :-)

Here is my current project. Hopefully it will help justify our garage saling habit. Selling stuff on Ebay. These are a few items that Pete picked up at DI (except for the dental tools). Maybe I can put some of the money towards our new favorite product we saw on TV. HA!! I saw the commercial and thought it was the funniest thing!

Anywho, just trying to get some projects done and not get too big. (it's kind of hard when you get fried cheese curds from A&W once a week). :-)

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Summer Recap

Well, It has been a while since I posted an update. I seem to be getting more tired and bigger by the day. It's funny how I don't seem to be as much of a shutter bug when I'm pregnant.

Here's a recap of our summer highlights:

We got Lagoon passes this year. I've gone with just me and the kids a few times. We've also gone as a family a bunch of times. I think it was worth the investment as we have already gone 7 times and still have the last few weeks of Summer and then Frightmares.

Phillip's favorite ride is the "Terror Ride." He doesn't get scared. I guess he kind of likes the thrill of the scary figures. Phillip really likes the big rides. He went on Tidal wave and the Red Dragon ride. Next year it will be fun to go on the big rides with him when I'm not pregnant.


We got to watch some good firework shows for the 4th of July and Pioneer day. Good Food, Fireworks, glowsticks, and sparklers :-)

We did the Centerville kids parade for the 3rd of July. Phillip loved riding his trike in the Parade. We also went to the Bountiful parade for Pioneer day. Phillip thought that he was going to ride his trike again. I think the Bountiful parade was the hottest I was ALL summer. It was well above 100. Luckily we were in the shade :-)

Basement Project

Main Room Before:

Main Room After:

Toy Room

During: See the following picture of Pete working on the newly cut window.


Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

We are on the home stretch with our basement remodel. We have new carpet which has made the BIGGEST difference. We chose a low pile pattern carpet and the carpet guy said that we should probably remove the linolium tile that was underneath the old carpet. WOW! What a job! There were 3 layers of linolium to pull up. Once that was up, it exposed this black tar that was originally used to glue on the linolium. Needless to say, while we were painting the walls and trim we ended up getting tar stuck to our feet and legs. I showed up to church one sunday with paint and tar all over my legs without knowing it!

I have to say, eventhough it has been stressful, I am glad we did it. I didn't take many pictures along the way. I dug up some pictures that I took during our walk through of the house. It's amazing how much brighter everything is.

The kitchen is still in progress. We saved the bar stools and will have a bar with the stools secured into the floor. I found the table set on KSL last weekend. It's in great condition and the red matches the little red side chairs that gave me the diner kitchen inspiration.

Boating & Swimming

We have gone swimming a few times and did go boating with Pete's family. I have had the hardest time with Lily. Her skin is so sensitive, that I either miss a spot and she gets sunburned, or I go crazy and she gets sunblock in her eyes. FYI, the "TearFree" sunblock label should be used with a grain of salt. Lily started crying after rubbing in some sunblock in her eyes.