Saturday, January 19, 2008

Little Girl Nursery

Well, the nursery is complete!

The Rocker
We had a hard time finding a white rocker. Pete's mom was on a mission and called almost every furniture store in utah, salt lake and Davis County. No one had white rockers. She ended up finding one at kid-to-kid and recovered the cushions. Good as new!! :-)

The Mural
I've always wanted to paint a mural for one of our rooms. It was fun to do a whimsical pattern that played off the bedding. I may add a few more details, but at least it looks finished for now.

The Closets
Pete's Idea. He got the little paint cans from Home Depot. I used some of the same colors in the mural.

Sundance Festival - Celebrity Chasing :-)

Well, we had a great weekend of fun and relaxing. We went up to Pete's parents cabin in Midway. On our way home we drove down main street Park City to see the sites of the Sundance Festival. Pete noticed a lot of people snapping pictures and we saw that they were taking pictures of Mary Kate Olsen!! ha!! I'm famous! We only got a shot of the back of her head. It's hard to be a paparazzi. Ha!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

January Fun :-)

Well, back to life ... back to reality ;-) We had a nasty cold run through the family. We stayed home to get better. Phillip really loves drawing now. He likes to draw circles and all sorts of shapes. When he's coloring in a coloring book he tries really hard to stay in the lines. ha! He even liked to color all over our ottoman. Luckily the slip cover is washable.

I've been busy getting the baby's room ready. I'll post a picture once we're done. Only 5 weeks left until the baby comes!