Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Trip to AZ!


  • Free Upgrade to a Penthouse suite at the Palazzo in Vegas .. let me just tell you ... 3 huge flat screen TV's, 2 small TV's in the bathroom. Automatic blinds. HUGE olympic size pool heated to 90 degrees .. Billiard table in the room. I think I'm ruined for life. It must have been my Snoopy shirt I was wearing when I checked in.
  • Hanging out with sisters and the kids ... Matilda made quick friends with her cousins when she gave them Bakugons from the prize closet. ;-)
  • Garage Saling - SO GOOD! - Arizona is like the Neaman Marcus of Garage saling!
  • Shooting rockets - Using pvc pipes and an air compressor
  • Drive -in - We saw two movies we wanted to see in the theatre with the kids for $14. We set up camping chairs, had little cesears .. So much fun!! Phillip insisted on sitting 14 feet away from us because he thought it was a better seat and he could see better.
  • Chevys ... mmmmh .. we smuggled in some diet coke
  • Maggiano's (family style is the way to go!)
  • Picking Grapefruit and lemons and smuggling 2 boxes back to Utah
  • Phillip's Highlight: He got to go on the side of the road. His Pre-school teacher asked him about his vacation and all she could get from him was that he had to make sure to stay dry and he went pee on the side of the road.

  • Getting sick on the way home (it seemed like everyone got some kind of head cold).
  • Stopping for potty breaks. The fiber one bar was not a good idea to give to Phillip.
  • Too short! I wish I could just play all the time.