Monday, June 20, 2011


Doesn't our living room look really nice with a view of the sky?!! I had to post a picture of our living room today as we are in the middle of another renovation.

My other announcement is that I am 15 weeks pregnant! wahooooo!! I will be due December 20th. I'll find out what I am having in about 5 weeks.

Pete's parents commented that we are usually in the middle of a big remodel while I'm pregnant (lily - Kitchen, family room; Amelia - Basement). Now with baby #4 we are modifying the look of our exterior and vaulting our living room ceiling. My kind of nesting! Below is a picture of the plans.

Today they pulled off the roof to get it ready for the eyebrow window and barrel-vault ceiling. Pete is freaking out and I am really excited!

Here's another cute picture of the kids. We had a huge downpour on the way to church. Phillip and Lily looked so cute walking into church with their rain gear. Phillip picked out his bow tie and wanted to wear a pencil behind his ear to complete the look. Pretty funny kid!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

In process of submitting to AFV

This is a really funny video I took last February of Lily dancing at DI. She had taken her skirt off and found some bright red shoes. I think the soggy diaper completes the look. By popular demand .. I am in the process of submitting this to America's Funniest Home Videos (AFV). HA!!! enjoy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hill Air force Base Museum

We decided to take the kids to the Air Force museum today. It was a lot of fun! Phillip kept asking the veteran volunteers lots of questions. We got to sit in a helicopter. Amelia looked pretty cute next to one of the big planes outside. It's sad that we've lived here 4 years and this was our first visit. Definitely worth it!

Re-cap on the kids:

Phillip: He is enjoying more time at home playing and making up games. He finished up another season of T-ball. This year he chased the ball and got a few good hits right and left handed. He watched an episode about lice on Nova Science. He is obsessed with lice and now when he draws bad guys they usually have lice in their hair.

Lily: Lily is still as girly as ever. I loaded up on skirts and t-shirts for her this summer. I won't even try to put shorts on her. She has been walking around with a yellow and purple gift bag which was her purse. It was full of her treasures .. hair clipper guard to brush her dolly's hair, hello kitty tooth holder, and random dollies. She also LOVES to get into my make-up. The Stila under-eye all over her arms legs and face just doesn't look right, but to her she gets more and more beautiful the more she puts on!
Lily keeps saying, "This is the BEST DAY EVER!" She said this first when Pete let them sleep outside in a tent.

Amelia: Amelia and is talking and playing more and more everyday. I keep wondering what happened to my baby! Pete woke her up one day and said, "Amelia will you sing me a song?" She said, "DAddy Daddy ... PETE!! BUMBUM!!" It is not a family favorite. She also likes to do knock-knock jokes. This was my favorite, "Knock-knock" "who's there?" "Daddy" "Daddy Who?" "Daddy Daddy Bum-BUM!"