Thursday, February 11, 2010

Healthy Recipes Experiments

Ahi Tuna - I thought I should blog my recipe above. Pete surprised me and bought an Ahi tuna steak from Costco. My new way of looking for recipes is to do a google image search. I like things that LOOK good to eat. You eat first with your eyes. I found this blog and tried out the recipe. FormerChef. I didn't have a spice grinder for the coriander, so I did a Seseme seed crust instead. It turned out really good. It tasted like really good sashimi. So, the $11 we spent at Costco went to good use since it usually costs $50 if we go out to sushi. The only problem with this meal is I was the only one that liked it. Pete liked the salad but any kind of raw fish makes him queasy.

Shrimp, pasta, & vegetables - I found a good cooking blog - CafeLynnLu - I modified the recipe a bit. I combined this recipe and the basic recipe for shrimp scampi. (A little butter oil, garlic, lemon juice, cook shrimp, then I followed the recipe for cooking the vegetables). This one the kids actually liked.

Wasabi mashed Cauliflower – I had this with a Teriyaki salmon. Very good, but not kid friendly. Lily did like the mashed cauliflower without the wasabi.

Lentil Soup – Cuisinart Pressure Cooker Recipe – This is my lunch staple. Lily will eat this soup as well.

So, this is the 3rd time that I am trying to lose baby weight. It seems to be a lot harder this time around. First we had the holidays .. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Birthdays (Amelia, Me, Pete, and our anniversary). Now it’s February, and I’ve traded in the fried cheese curds, (yes it is a real thing, it’s at A&W .. Really Good!) for whole wheat bread and salads. My problem, as always, is the FOOD.

So here is my problem, I like to try new things and experiment. However, with kids they just like really simple foods.

Calling for Healthy recipes that kids will eat! (Something that doesn't have cream of chicken soup as the main ingredient).


Becca said...

That looks good, Cathy! Great job! I know how it is trying to loose baby weight - and it does get a little harder each time. Maybe because our bodies are older and we have more kids and things to do.

It sounds really simple, but my kids love grilled chicken or steak - add a salad for yourself and some type of carb (roasted potatoes or rice) for the kids. You just need to re-think your normal meals and figure out how you can still feed your kids, but adjust it to be more healthy for yourself.

For example make some meatballs with ground turkey or low-fat ground beef. Serve the kids w/ pasta and make some spaghetti squash for yourself.

Another thing I loved to make when I was trying to loose weight is any type of Mexican salad - I would give my kids tacos, burritos, or quesadillas and then I would make a big salad for myself w/ beans (no rice), whatever meat we had, lots of lettuce and salsa, cilantro, 2-3 chips (for crunch), a sprinkle of cheese and a little ranch.

Another healthy meal my kids like is fish - tilapia is very mild tasting. You can get a bag of frozen filets at costco. I dip it in flour and grill on a pan w/ some olive oil - add salt and pepper. Once again add veggies for you and pete and warm up a baguette or something to make it more substantial for the kids.

Becca said...

I thought of another one - do your kids like chili? My kids eat it if I add cheese and fritos. You can make chili healthy if you use less meat - use ground turkey or low fat beef - after it is cooked, drain and rinse all the fat off with water. The rest is just beans and veggies. However, this is only healthy if you forgo the Fritos, cheese, and sour cream toppings.

Buffy said...

Love your post. I am laughing at how your problem is the food. I hear ya! I love to bake and make new things along with eat it too. :)

Your recipes look good.

Penny said...

Food, problem, huh??? LOL I think you're looking great! Come work out with me and we'll lose it together, I only have triple the weight so it will make you feel better. Also, I'm wondering if you and Becca can move in and cook for my family? I'm a lot of fun and would be great to live with! :) LOL

Christina, nick name Bina said...

Food, losing weight, don't get me started, well I guess I already have. Beautiful Ahi Tuna, I also say "NO" to anything with "Cream Of" in it, I like to call those "Slop" meals