Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Lily!

We had a fun celebration for Lily's Two-year-old birthday. I think this party was more for me than for her. It was a lot of fun to do.

We did a Tinkerbell theme. We did ring-around-the-rosy, (Lily's favorite game), We had a bubble machine and popped the bubbles with wands. We also danced to the music from the new Tinkerbell movies. I made everyone balloon butterflies. I also had some cupcakes frozen from a family February Birthday Party. I just thawed them the night before. We got some light up Fairies from the dollar store for the cake decoration and party favors.

It was such a fun party and you can tell from Lily's expression that she was really excited.

Lily's actual birthday was on a Sunday, so I made her favorite, chocolate chip pancakes. I added the smile and strawberries for her birthday. She ate only the whipped cream smile and kept asking for more cream!

I can't believe that Lily is already 2 years old! She is such a fun little girl. She is ALL girl. She is always carrying around a menagerie of dolls, barbies, and girl characters. (We have a collection of Star Wars bobble heads and she ALWAYS can pick out princess Leah from the bunch). She is a very nice big sister. When Amelia is crying and I can't get to her right away, Lily starts sharing her toys. I came back to find Amelia in the swing with three dolls, princess leah, and dress up shoes. All the things that make Lily happy, so of course it should work for Amelia? Right?

She is starting to talk a lot more now. Pete told her once, "Lily you're stinky." She said, "I Not Stinky, I Cute." She is quite the character!


RayAnne said...

I can't believe she's 2 already! You throw the greatest birthday parties! Maybe you can be Mike's advisor for my 40th birthday bash.

Juresk said...

The other day I told her she was cute, she told me no. I told her she was beautiful, again no. I asked her what she was then, her answer... I 2!! (showing me with her fingers) I love watching her play with all her barbies and dolls. She is such a sweetie!!

Emily said...

Fun Birthday theme. Little girl parties are so much fun to do!!! Lilly is so cute!!

Mommymita said...

Cathy - you sure know how to throw a party! I can't believe what a big girl Lily is now! Hooray for the dollar store! Do you think you could design balloon fairy wings?

Becca said...

She is such a cutie. I love watching her play with Austin and seeing the distinct differences - she has a radar for anything cute and girly - fairies, pollys, barbies, and then Austin just flies Superman around all day making sound effects. Happy bday Lilly!

Penny said...

She is super cute! We love her! Brinklee is proud to be her "Big cousin!" She thinks that Lily is her doll! :) LOL It was fun! Thanks!